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WorldLink has extended its Mobile Services into Events & Exhibitions Sector. Our Event Management Centre provides total Mobile Survey solutions to asists our Clients in making critical management decisions.

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Being the Market Leader in Mobile Communications, our team is specalized in providing Consultancy & Mobile turn-key Solutions. Our well experienced tecnical consultants provide Robust yet cost effective Mobile Solutions to need the Most Complex and requirements of our customers.

Company History

In 1999, WorldLink Technologies started building Mission Critical advanced SMS Gateways, MMS Servers and WAP Push software. Since then, Multi-national companies and government bodies in more than 15 countries Worldwide have used our SMS, MMS, and WAP Push software. “Our SMS, MMS, WAP Push Gateways is not just a mobile gateway, but an advanced Mission Critical Gateway”

smpp software
WorldLink SMS Gateway eLite Version 3.20
MobileVox™ Version 4.10 (SMS/MMS/WAP Gateway)
MobileXdge™ Version 6.0 (Mission Critical Mobile Gateway)
MobileXdge™ SMPP (Mission Critical Mobile Gateway)
NuXleus Messaging System
NuXGate Messaging Gateway
NuXleus API Secure Integration
NuXeb Web Messaging System
SunXdge GPS Solution
Mobile@Works Version 3.10 (MMS Enabled)
AXP Stackable Modem (8 GSM/GPRS modems onboard)
AXP Stackable Serial Modem (8 GSM/GPRS modems onboard)
Sierra Wireless AirLink GL6110 GSM/GPRS USB Modem
Sierra Wireless AirLink XTend Fastrack GSM/GPRS/GPS/USB/IO/Serial Modem
Wavecom Fastrack GSM/GPRS Serial Port Modem (M1306B)
Wavecom Fastrack Supreme GSM/GPRS/GPS/USB/IO/Serial Modem
Industrial GSM/GPRS M2M Modem
Teltonika T-modem GSM/GPRS/EDGE PCI Modem
smpp software
• WorldLink officially releases SMS Gateway eLite Version 3.2 which supports VB6,, C# and many more functions on the 11th December 2009.

• WorldLink launches full suite of SMPP products and services which provides high speed reliable SMS messaging on the 26th September 2009.

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WorldLink has enhanced the quality of our support serives through our DirectCom Server. With this add-on Server running 7/24, our support team is well-informed of any technical issues via SMS messaging.

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